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  • How long does it take to prepare an estate plan using EP Navigator?
    A typical plan can be completed in less than an hour.
  • What kinds of estate plans can be created using EP Navigator?
    Depending on the specific circumstances involved the attorney will recommend one of three plan packages: 1) Revocable Living Trust, Wills and Powers of Attorney 2) Wills and Powers of Attorney ONLY 3) Financial and Healthcare Powers of Attorney ONLYadd a new question go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.
  • What exactly does unbundled mean?
    Creating a comprehensive estate plan involves numerous steps. Traditionally, the attorney has completed all of them. However, only a few of the steps in the process are actually the practice of law. EP Navigator permits the attorney to unbundle the process into its discrete tasks and involve you in those aspects that do not require a license to practice law.
  • What are some of the tasks that an advisor can perform?
    Advisors can perform, and receive compensation for any tasks that are not considered the practice of law. Such tasks include, but are not limited to: finding the client, educating the client about general estate planning concepts and the purpose of various documents, providing the client access to the attorney’s online interview, acting as a notary, notifying key stakeholders of the client’s plan, asset analysis and review, etc.
  • Can EP Navigator be marketed under my own brand?
    Yes, we offer fully white labelled version of the platform for advisors who desire to build their own brand. Additional fees apply. Contact us for additional information.
  • Can I provide estate planning services in states where I do not physically have an office?
    Yes. Fees for estate planning services are a non-licensed product. EP Navigator permits you to service clients irrespective of where you are located or where they live.
  • How do I market estate planning to my clients?
    It is very easy to add estate planning to the services you offer. Simply make sure and run each new client through the online interview. In addition to using EP Navigator with new clients, successful advisors proactively reach out to their existing client base and offer to perform an estate planning review. Contact us for additional information and estate planning materials that can be used at point of sale with your clients.
  • What if I have a compliance question?
    We are happy to help you do what is necessary so you can implement estate planning into your day-to-day activities and if desired, charge fees for your role in providing estate planning services to your clients. What is required from a compliance standpoint is dependent on the licenses you hold.
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